Members are those entities (individuals or institutions) which participate directly or indirectly, temporally or permanently in the activities of the Chair. Members are those who contribute actively to the maintenance of the maintenance of the Chair. They are basically the following:
  • Associated founders: institutions that outlined the Chair from the very beginning along with the UPM, and that start the activities of the Chair directly. In principle, they will be “country nodes”, in the sense that they must expand the network in their countries. At the same time, they contribute to the maintenance of the Chair, with their contributions of all type. Apart from the UPM, the members are:
    • I3G institute of Florianópolis (Brazil)
    • Technic Particular University of Loja (Ecuador)
    • Catholic University of Temuco (Chile)
  • Institutional members: (public or private entities) dependant on their contribution, but specially their capacity to participate in the initiatives of the Chair. The permanent members of institutional type that are “national node” will be those who propose new institutions of their countries to play a role in the Chair as associated members. These members contribute actively to the maintenance of the Chair. At the same time, there can be observer members who attend the meetings and that do not have voting power, but can opine.
  • Individuals: individuals of all types that provide the Chair with work, advice, or that participate actively in activities of the Chair.

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