Due to the diversity of disciplines involved in this Chair, the integration and cooperation of the Chair must be carried out through a complex international organisation.

As a starting point, it is expected that the Chair gives the private sector the chance to contribute with any type of support (financial, logistical, organizational, or for international dissemination), although it is a public organisation.
  • International Advisory Board: formed by personalities of the areas covered by the Chair. The regularity of its meetings and more specific roles would be defined over 2015.  
    • Jesús Cardeñosa. PhD of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence of the Technical University of Madrid and head of this UNESCO Chair on Linguistic Technologies at the aforementioned university.
    • Mike Dillinger. PhD in Cognitive Science and MA in Linguistics. Wide experience in Machine Translation. Currently Mike works at Linkedin in multilingualisation (https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikedillinger).
    • Rafael Cárdenas. Degree in Administration and Business Management (Sloan School of Management). Currently he is responsible for covering the social needs in the technological area of LaborClan.
    • Rosaura del Val Izquierdo. Degree in Biological Sciences and Public Communication specialist. Currently she is Vocal Advisor at the Cabinet of the State Secretariat of Social Services and Equality.
  • International Scientific Board: formed by people of the international academic area who will ensure that the subjects that will be part of the future International Master in Linguistic Engineering (one of the main objectives of this Chair) will be of high quality at a global level.  
  • Presidents:
    • Jesús Cardeñosa (Technical University of Madrid)
    • Igor Boguslavsky (Technical University of Madrid)
  • Secretary:
    • Carolina Gallardo (Technical University of Madrid)
  • Other members:
    • Christian Boitet (University of Grenoble, France)
    • José Ángel Olivas (Castilla la Mancha Univeristy, Spain)
    • Pilar Rey del Castillo (Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, Spain)
  • National Academic Board: this is an extension of the previous, but of national nature. This applies to each of the participating countries.


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