Learning a new language is 60% dependent on brain activity - 05/11/2016

New findings by scientists at the University of Washington (Seattle, U.S.) demonstrate that a five-minute measurement of resting-state brain activity predicts how quickly adults learn a second language.

Ethiopian children learn English with tablets - 05/10/2016

Researchers from the U.S. have conducted a study with economically disadvantaged children from South Africa, Ethiopia and U.S. which demonstrates the positive effects of providing these children with tablets loaded with literacy apps.

Asian poetic sounds will be explored using computational tools - 05/03/2016

El lingüista de la Universidad Estatal de Michigan (MSU, EE.UU.) Sean Pue estudiará el papel del sonido en la poesía moderna del sur de Asia con herramientas de computación.

Brain’s executive function of bilinguals is more active than that of monolinguals as early as 11 months of age - 04/25/2016

A study carried out in USA shows that the executive function of the brain of bilingual babies is more active than that of monolinguals, as early as 11 months of age. Moreover, bilinguals learn both languages as the same rate as monolinguals do.

Languages from warm climate areas tend to use the same word for ‘ice’ than for ‘snow’ - 04/22/2016

Researchers at USA have found that languages from warmer climates tend to use the same word for ‘ice’ than for ‘snow’.
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