The head of the UNESCO Chair TECLIN will travel to Argentina and Brazil - 09/22/2016

Jesús Cardeñosa, head of the UNESCO Chair TECLIN, will travel to Argentina from 16 to 22 October, and to Brazil from 24 to 31.

InFo-Lab: Research and Technology Development Laboratory in Computer Forensics - 07/29/2016

The Attorney General of the Supreme Court of Justice of Argentina, the University of FASTA and the Municipality of General Pueyrredón Partido have approved the implementation of the Comprehensive Guide to Employment of Computer Forensics in criminal proceedings, developed by InFo-Lab.

Dail Software bets on teaching - 07/28/2016

Dail Software bets on teaching and offers 5 courses in Linguistic Engineering, Information and communication technology and business management, three core areas of knowledge which are at their peak.

The State of Morelos is considering recognising the indigenous identity - 06/20/2016

The Congress of the Mexican State of Morelos is considering a reform of the Political Constitution of the State to regulate the issue of official documents of the Civil Registry in the language or mother tongue requested by indigenous citizens.

The Government of Paraguay will save the Guana language - 06/15/2016

The Government of Paraguay and the linguist Nicolás Gynan have signed an agreement to document the Guana Language, in danger of disappearing.
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